Dr. Clifton: ‘There’s no cure for this disease’

A gynecology specialist in Georgia said he is concerned that patients with a rare form of ovarian cancer are being treated differently than other women.

Dr. John Clifston, who is also a surgeon at the University of Central Florida and is the lead physician for the Florida Department of Health, told The Associated Press that he was not comfortable treating patients who do not have the same symptoms that would normally be seen in women with ovarian cancer.

Clifston said he does not know the specific cause of the problem, but said it’s likely caused by a change in the way cancer cells are treated in the body.

The problem has become more common in women, who are more likely to be treated in a clinic than in a hospital.

Clintons office has seen a surge in ovarian cancer patients, and he said there are about 3,000 to 5,000 new cases each month in Florida.

He said women in the hospital for ovarian cancer need to receive the same treatments as patients in the clinic.

He added that he’s not sure how long the problem will be.

Clifford says she and her husband were not told of the new cancer diagnosis until the week before their son was born.

They have been working closely with their doctor to see if he has any treatments or treatment options.

The couple said they were told their son is cancer free, but that the diagnosis left them concerned about how they were going to manage their son’s future.

Cliffs husband, Dr. Bruce McClain, said he feels like the cancer has infected his wife and their family.

McClain said he wants to raise awareness about the new illness.

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