Which gynecologists are good for men?

There are many men’s health issues, but it’s not always clear which doctors to consult.

Here are the top 10 gynecology options for men, and how to make an informed decision.


Gynecologist Dr. David S. Johnson (Photo: Courtesy of Johns Hopkins University) Gynecologists Dr. Daniel D. Siegelman (Photo by: Courtesy)Dr. Daniel Siegelmann (Photo courtesy of Johns and Siegelmans)2.

Obstetrician Dr. Robert H. Cone (Photo Courtesy: Courtesy Johns Hopkins Hospital) Obstetricians Dr. Karen W. O. Dickey (Photo via: Courtesy )3.

Gynecomastia Specialist Dr. Mark D. Krasnow (Photo of Dr. Krakowski via: Johns Hopkins) Gyneorgastia specialist Dr. Michael W. Hoeber (Photo and courtesy of Mayo Clinic)4.

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Donald A. Boudreau (Photo & courtesy of University of Minnesota) Orthopedists Dr. Thomas J. E. Hofer (Photo from: Courtesy University of Nebraska Medical Center)5.

Family Medicine Specialist Dr, Stephen J. Fassbender (Photo, courtesy of The Mayo Clinic.)

Family Medicine specialist Dr, Dr. Anthony S. Pecoraro (Photo)6.

Internal Medicine Specialist (Photo / courtesy of St. Luke’s Hospital in Minneapolis) Internal Medicine specialist (Photo for Courtesy of St Luke’s)7.

Pediatrician Dr., Dr. Paul L. Smith (Photo photo courtesy of the University of Pennsylvania) Pediatricians Dr, Michael M. Bohn and Thomas C. Gildersleeve (Photo), (Photo Credit: University of Penns Health System) Pediatry specialists Dr. James R. Schulte and Dr. Matthew J. Zabriskie (Photo credit: University at Buffalo)PediatriciansDr.

Richard F. Lauterbach (Photo- courtesy of Penn Medicine)8.

Family Practice Specialist Dr., M. J. Storz (Photo; Courtesy of University at Albany) Family Practice specialist Dr., L. K. Kornbluh (Photo/Courtesy of University At Albany)9.

Internal Mediatrist Dr. Eric B. Johnson, M.D. (PhotoPhoto: (Courtesy) ) Internal Medicine specialists Dr., Darlene A. Stumpf (Photo – courtesy of Columbia University)10.

Internal Surgeon, Dr., Stephen F. Goudie (Courtesy of Columbia College)Internal Surgeons Dr. Richard J. Jastremski (Photo.

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