How gynecologists in Mexico are ‘sexually abusing’ women

Mexico has become the latest victim of a wave of sexual abuse by dentons, sex therapists and doctors working in Mexico City.

This month, the Associated Press reported that dentons are using sedatives to induce abortions, and in one case, doctors who were supposed to be treating women with chronic pelvic pain are performing abortions in the middle of the night, leaving women to suffer.

In July, the AP reported that a group of dentons was accused of raping a woman in the clinic where she worked.

The clinic was closed for three months in September after a nurse discovered the woman had been raped, and the dentons who allegedly raped her are still working there.

“We are in a state of constant war,” said Jaime Martinez, who has worked as a dentist in Mexico for 17 years and was recently fired.

Martinez said he was fired after he refused to perform abortions.

“They say that there are some cases where they have the consent of the woman,” Martinez said.

“I do not know what that means.

If I do not give them the consent, I will be a rapist.”

In a letter sent to the Associated Public Health Association in August, the Association for Public Health Research in Mexico, the medical association that represents dentons in Mexico and has a membership of around 5,000, said that it is the denton’s job to make sure that women get a proper diagnosis of the disease they are suffering from, and that they do not use abortion as a last resort.

But it also noted that “dental care is not an exception to the rule.”

The dentons’ behavior is a violation of the laws and regulations governing health care, the association said, calling for the government to investigate.

“It is not acceptable to abuse women with cervical cancer and uterine cancers,” said the letter from the association’s chairperson, Javier Rodríguez.

“Women are being sexually abused in hospitals, in clinics, in the clinics of dentists.

There is a clear pattern of this and a clear policy that should be changed.”

Rodróguez, who is also the director of the Mexican association’s health committee, said the dentists’ behavior “is against the laws.”

He called on the government and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to investigate, but he said dentons should not be allowed to operate in Mexico.

“The government must ensure that dentists are accountable for the violations that they are committing,” Rodráguez said.

The denton practice in Mexico is so common that dentistry is often referred to as “gynecology in the city,” according to the AP.

Many dentons work for the dentistry industry, including dentons working in dentistry hospitals, where they perform abortions, abortions and other health care services.

A study published in July found that dentontal clinics had the highest rates of unsafe abortions in Mexico’s public hospitals.

The women were asked to sign a consent form before they could get an abortion.

The report also found that the number of abortions performed by dentontals in Mexico dropped after the dentontas closed in September, but that many more abortions were performed by the dentoon clinics that reopened.

“As a result of the closure of the clinics, the number and frequency of abortions increased,” the report said.

In some cases, dentons have been accused of rape.

In October, the dentoficial association in Mexico said it was investigating a report that denton doctors were raping a 25-year-old woman.

The woman said she had a miscarriage, and her dentontic doctor threatened to kill her if she did not get an induced abortion.

She told the AP that she went to a local hospital for an abortion but was unable to get one.

“My dentist was threatening to kill me if I went to the hospital, he said,” she said.

A denton in the country of the same name has since been accused in another case of raping an 18-year old woman.

In September, a woman named Claudia Sánchez was raped in a clinic by a man she had known for three years.

Her dentontist, Francisco García-Díaz, is accused of sexually abusing a young woman.

García has been working in the dento in the northern state of Tamaulipas since 2012, and he was not immediately available for comment.

Garcías is currently on trial in Mexico on charges of raping and torturing a 15-year a student, and faces a possible life sentence if convicted.

The Associated Press contacted García and asked if he would talk about the case, but García said he could not because he is under arrest.

In a written statement, García, who works in Tamaalpas, said he denies all allegations against him and that he is cooperating with authorities.

“In the last three years, I have been very diligent