New Florida health care provider says it’s open to treating transgender patients

A new provider in the state of Florida says it plans to open its first clinic for transgender people.

According to the Florida Department of Health, the state is one of the first states in the country to allow transgender people to seek treatment from a doctor of their choosing.

Dr. Scott Wray, who runs a private practice in the small town of Largo, told the Florida Times-Union that he’s not sure how long it will take to open, but that it’s likely to happen within the next few months.

He said that he believes it’s the right time for transgender patients to receive treatment, saying, “I have seen firsthand the impact of the transgender community and the medical community on society.”

Wray said he’s also optimistic about the prospects for other transgender people in the area, including some who are trying to transition.

The Times-Unions said that Dr. J.C. Drexler, a cardiologist in Largo who is transgender, is considering opening a clinic there.

The paper said that Drexlers office will be able to serve transgender patients.