Why ‘Glee’ alumna is ‘proud’ to be ‘gynecologically aware’ and ‘nurtured’

GILES, N.J. (AP) A woman who starred on the hit CW show “Glee” is proud of being “proud to be gynecologically informed” and “nurtured” by a gynecology practice.

Raleigh N.C. gynecographer Beverly Sain says she’s also excited to “learn about the healing process” as she tries to find a cure for her husband’s disease.

Sain, a former “Giles” cast member who now teaches a clinic at Rutgers University in New Brunswick, says she was inspired to become a gynecologist after her husband passed away from colon cancer.

“He was such a strong and loving husband,” she said.

“When he passed away, I thought, ‘Oh, I’d like to help somebody.’

So I thought about this new way of healing, and I thought I could help him.”

Sain says it’s been a “tough, hard road” but she’s “really, really proud of what I’ve accomplished” since she began practicing gynecological medicine in 2009.

The “GILES” alumna was the first female to graduate from Rutgers’ medical school and was one of the show’s first doctors.

She says she had to make hard decisions about where to practice, but that she’s grateful for her career as a doctor.

“I’ve learned so much,” she told ABC News in a phone interview.

“I’m really proud to be a gynaecologist and I’m also excited about the process of learning more about the science of gynecologic care.”

Sains says she has patients “from every age, every race, every ethnic group, and all genders.”

The gynecologists she works with are also “nearly all” women, she says.

And she says it makes her feel “like a superwoman” to have her patients “all over the place.”

“I think gynecography is the best way to get to know somebody,” she says, “and it’s also a very, very good way to help someone in their healing process.”

The New Brunswick clinic also offers a private screening program for women, which is where Sain began.

The clinic’s first two patients who attended the screening were diagnosed with colon cancer, and the clinic has had eight women since 2013.

“My practice is really, really open, so we have people come in who have cancer and we help them with their treatment, so I feel very, really comfortable,” Sain said.