How to save your husband’s penis

How to prevent your husband from urinating on your face?

How to keep your partner safe during a sexual encounter?

What to do if your husband or girlfriend goes to the bathroom alone and starts peeing?

It is the topic that has haunted India for years.

Now, it is finally being tackled with a modern solution: the Baton Rouge.

This is a device designed to prevent men from peeing on each other’s faces.

It was developed by a team at the M.I.T. School of Engineering.

The Baton Rouge is a thin, transparent plastic piece that sits on the penis and is secured with a rubber band.

This allows the baton to be used in a number of ways, including when it is used to help men urinate in the bathroom.

It is said that, by using the Batons Rouge, it reduces the likelihood of someone else coming in contact with it.

This is a common misconception about this device, but it has been proven to work.

Dr. Shashi Jha, a paediatric urologist, told The Times Of India that he was able to reduce the risk of urinary tract infections in his patients by using a Baton in the rectum.

The device has been approved by the Health Ministry and can be purchased for Rs 50,000 ($80).

However, as it is not a medical device, the price is not cheap.

According to The Times, the Batonic is priced at Rs 1,000.

The manufacturer has not been able to offer any guarantee that the device will prevent urinary tract infection.

However, the device does contain the rubber bands, which prevent urine leakage.

The makers have said that the cost is dependent on the size of the penis.

It can be easily installed by the patient’s family members.