Which gynecologists in Chattanooga, Tennessee, are treating teenage girls with gonorrhea?

A Tennessee woman’s diagnosis of gonorrheal infection has prompted a doctor to treat her teenage daughter with gonorrhoea in a hospital.

According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, the girl, who is 16, was diagnosed with gonococcal infection in October after having sex with her cousin.

A nurse at the University of Tennessee Medical Center has treated the girl with a drug called cefixime and a steroid, and is treating her with a special IV drip for gonorrHEAP.

According, the News Sentinel reports, the family was at a friend’s house when the girl began to have vaginal bleeding.

The nurse told the News-Sentinel that the girl was being treated by an infectious disease specialist.

According to the News, the patient was not contagious at the time of her diagnosis.

According the News of Tennessee, the nurse did not want to be identified because she is a trained health care provider.

She said the family is considering going to the hospital.

A spokesperson for the hospital told the newspaper that the patient’s condition has improved.

“The patient is stable and no long-term complications have been reported,” the spokesperson said in an email.

The News Sentinel notes that the doctor said the girl’s symptoms started to improve when she was taken to the emergency room.