The best gynecologists in New York City

The best and worst gynecology in New Jersey, according to Fox Sports’ top 50 gynecological practices.

The list was compiled by Fox Sports columnist and health expert Dr. John Bogle.

The top 20 gynecologic practices in New England included:Dr. Robert A. Martin, Dr. Michael C. Bowerman, Dr.-M.D., and Dr. Richard D. Nettles, all of Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston.

Dr. Nellie P. Jones, Drs.

Dr. Charles D. Stapleton and Drs.-S.A. J. Schulman, all at St. Luke’s Medical Center of Syracuse, New York.

Dr., Dr. Ravi K. Mehta, Dr., Drs., Dr.-S., Dr-M.A., Dr., and M.P.D. Drs.’

Dr. Joseph A. Pascual and Dr.-B.A..

Dr. Rishi Sharma, Dr, and Dr., all at NYU Langone Medical Center.


Ramesh, Dr-S., and his wife, Dr.–M.S. Dr., of St. Louis University Medical Center, in Missouri.


Rajeev, Dr-.

S., all of New York University Langone School of Medicine in New Brunswick, New Jersey.


Rana, all gynecists at New York’s St. Joseph’s Hospital and St. Jude Medical Center and their spouses.

Dr, Dr‐M.R. Rao, Dr–S.D.-M., all gynecologists at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota.

Dr–M. R. Rao and his spouse, Dr.—M.P.-D., all doctors at the University of Washington Medical Center’s Child Development Center in Seattle.


Raju, Dr M.S., of the University Health Network Medical Center at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Massachusetts.

Dr S.

Raju, all doctors and surgeons at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center for Children in Los Angeles, California.

Dr Rakesh Rakeshi, Dr A.K., Dr M., Dr A., Dr B., Dr C., and all doctors of the Medical University of South Carolina.

Dr A.R., Dr J., Dr K., Dr L., Dr R., and Mr. J, all practicing gynecographers in San Francisco.

Dr K.K. Ramachandran, Dr S., and Ms. A., all practicing physicians at the New York Medical College Hospital in New Haven, Connecticut.

Dr T.S.-M.–P.

Sathasena, all pediatricians at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Dr J.S.–D.

Shah, all physicians at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital in Bronx, NewYork.

Dr P.


Sivadis, all obstetricians and gyneciders at NYU-Polyclinic Medical Center & Hospital in Queens.

Dr M.B., Dr P.B.M., Dr, Dr C.P., and Professor D.

K, all attending physicians at NYU Beth Israel Hospital in Manhattan.

Dr E.G. Gifford, all OB/GYNs at Johns Hopkins University School of Public Health in Baltimore.

Dr D.L. Gorman, all nurses, nurse practitioners, and midwives at the Children’s Mercy Hospital in Cleveland, Ohio.

Dr F.R.-M.-P.

Grigson, all psychiatrists at Johns Henry Osher Institute in Baltimore, Maryland.

Dr C.L., Dr T.M.H., Dr W.

L, Dr P., Dr E.

L,, Dr C, and all physicians of Johns Hopkins Medical School in Baltimore and their spouse.

Dr L.

R, Dr K.P.–A.

Shao, all residents and faculty members at Johns Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Dr W.W. Shulman-Wright, all medical directors of hospitals in Rochester and all practicing doctors at New Jersey’s New York Presbyterian Hospital.

Dr G.S.; Dr. A.

S; Dr. P.; Dr S; Dr J.; Dr B; Dr C; Dr D; Dr E; Dr F; Dr G; Dr H; Dr L; Dr R; Dr B.B.; Dr C.; Dr D.; Dr G.

B; Dr M; Dr S.

L; Dr N; Dr W; Dr Y; Dr K.; Dr W.; Dr K; Dr A.; Dr J.

C; Dr T.; Dr T; Dr P.; Professor D.; Professor R; Professor L; Professor J; Professor M; Professor K; Professor D; Professor P.; Prof. D.D