$9,000 pay raise for gynecologists

Gynecologists across New York state are getting $9 a day raises after a state health department approved a $4.3 billion health care bill that includes new incentives for doctors to treat women at lower cost.

The state health secretary said the pay raises for doctors are the first for the sector in 30 years, but doctors are also getting a $1,000 bonus.

The health department said the raises are not retroactive.

New York’s first gynecology surgeon is also getting an $8,000 annual pay increase, a 10 percent increase, the state’s health department announced on Tuesday.

The average doctor’s salary for the state is $78,000.

Health Secretary Sylvia H. Frieden told reporters on Tuesday that the increase was necessary to encourage more women to seek gynecological care.

The increase is in addition to the previous increase that came into effect in October.

The governor has authorized a $500,000 payment for a second year of the $4 billion bill, which includes $4 million for a new incentive program to help doctors stay competitive with the private sector.

The pay increases are a result of the health department’s approval of the bill on Tuesday, according to a state official.

The department will spend $4,000 in 2018 on a new grant program that would allow doctors to earn additional incentive pay for helping more women obtain care.

Frieden said that doctors are now eligible to earn up to $1.4 million in additional incentive money in each of the next two years.

Freedoms to practice medicine and earn up a minimum of $8 million a year for up to 10 years would be among the new incentives in the bill.

The pay increases for New York’s 1,400 licensed gynecologic specialists are the biggest in the country, according the American Board of Family Medicine, an independent nonprofit organization that tracks pay for gynecomastia, or breast cancer.

The increases were approved in response to concerns about rising costs, including a proposed $4 increase for gyners in the state.

The bill includes a $3.5 million grant program for gyns and $1 million for gyneys in New York City, the health official said.

The health department is also considering an incentive program for doctors who work in outpatient clinics.

The agency said that $5,000 for each doctor’s annual pay in New Jersey will be added to the state budget.

A separate measure that the state approved Tuesday would increase the amount a doctor gets to deduct for hospital stays for women with breast cancer, which could save women millions of dollars in insurance premiums.

The state has been facing mounting pressure to help pay for the care of cancer patients with breast tumors.