Online gynecologists say they’re tired of being treated as ‘the bad guys’

The online gynecology profession has seen its share of controversy in recent years.

It has become one of the most sought-after jobs in the world, with more than a billion online jobs available.

But one of its most prominent leaders, a vocal critic of the government’s medical policies, is about to lose her job over the controversy.

Dr. Avital Kachar, a top-ranked Israeli gynecological surgeon, has been suspended from her post after being accused of using the term ‘the enemy’ in an interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretz.

In the interview, Kachars partner said that the doctors are ‘just as bad as the Palestinian terrorists’.

The doctor is not a doctor by profession, but she is a doctor and the people of Israel should respect her.

Kachars interview was published on Thursday and has received considerable attention.

She said the Israeli public has no right to judge the health of Israeli citizens, adding that the government was treating the doctors ‘like criminals’.

‘I’m just as bad in my job as the Palestinians are, but the Israeli government is treating them like criminals,’ she said.

“I don’t want my colleagues to feel ashamed and guilty about their work, but it’s our job as doctors to stand up and be accountable for our profession.”

Kochar said the government has not provided her with a response to the controversy, but that she has been ‘under siege’.

She told Haaretz that she will not resign and is considering legal action.

A spokesperson for the ministry of health said the ‘interview’ was a ‘misleading and false statement’.

Kathar’s comments came a day after another doctor was accused of describing the government as a ‘terror organisation’ in a Facebook post.

‘This is the first time in my life that I am having a conversation with a public servant who does not understand that the country of Israel is the greatest in the Middle East, and I have to fight for it,’ the doctor, who was born in the West Bank, wrote.

The comment prompted a backlash on social media.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu responded to the criticism on Twitter, saying that he was ‘very disappointed that a public figure would even think of using such an inflammatory term’.’

The doctor was asked to explain her comments in public, but her response was a disgraceful lie,’ Netanyahu said.

‘Her words were used to attack and undermine our society, which is the cornerstone of our country.’

Kuchar has become a controversial figure within Israel.

She has called for the ‘removal’ of the ‘enemy’ designation from the military and has been the subject of intense media scrutiny.

Israel has a long history of medical discrimination, with the government routinely denying Palestinians equal rights and freedoms, including access to healthcare.

Earlier this year, a study found that of the 1,000 patients who received cancer treatment in Israel, 70% had been denied basic medical care, with nearly half being denied surgery or chemotherapy.

Medical schools across the country have also been accused of racism.

More recently, Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu accused Israeli doctors of being complicit in the rise of Hamas and the Palestinian Authority.

At the height of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict in 2014, Israeli forces raided the homes of Palestinian doctors in an effort to stem the flow of Palestinian patients to the hospital.

The raids came after Prime Minister Netanyahu declared a state of emergency in the Gaza Strip, prompting the evacuation of more than 200,000 Palestinians, mainly civilians.