How to find a gynecomastia doctor in Chattanooga

The Hill article Chattanooga, Tenn.

— The American College of Gynecologists has announced it is changing its name to the American Gynecology Association.

The change came Wednesday.

In a statement, the association said the name change is intended to reflect “the diverse range of gynecology practices in our state and our mission of being an inclusive, welcoming and collaborative organization.”

“Our mission is to offer health care professionals an unparalleled opportunity to serve patients and to be part of the community through our programs and services,” the statement said.

“The association will remain a strong, independent and inclusive voice for gynecologists, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or other characteristics.”

The change follows the controversy over the name of a gynaecologist who works in Chattanooga, which has been associated with its name and its location on Interstate 84, with residents and businesses boycotting the hospital’s annual conference.

The American Gynecomastic Association (AGA) has a reputation for being an anti-LGBTQ group.