A ‘wonderful patient’ at the center of the investigation into the Texas hospital outbreak

On Jan. 10, 2017, a nurse at a Texas hospital who was among the first to test positive for the coronavirus contracted the virus while working as a physician assistant.

The patient had previously contracted it while working in Mexico.

The nurse was able to get off the hospital’s ventilator, where she was treated and released, and returned to her home.

She had recently completed her residency at an Austin hospital and had returned to Austin, where her husband and other family members had moved to live.

The man who contracted the disease was identified as Michael Stjernberg, a resident nurse at the hospital.

A few days later, the woman who tested positive was a visitor to her family’s home.

Her husband was not among the family members who had moved in to their home that day, but was able and willing to test for the virus.

The family members, who had not been aware of the test results, were notified of the results of the other patient, who tested negative, and were informed that the virus had been confirmed.

As the family watched from the window, the two became visibly distraught, saying their loved ones had passed away.

At this point, they decided to let Stjarnberg go, but he was not let go until he passed away on Jan. 20, the day before his death.

He was only 28 years old.

The two people who died at the time of the coronaju, who were in their 30s, were a man and a woman.

They were not infected.

The woman had been infected with the virus at the same time that Stjjernberghs wife had tested positive, but she had not yet been vaccinated.

This is the first known case of an infected man and woman at the facility.

The Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital System is conducting an investigation into Stjercbergs death, and the hospital has not yet announced how many other cases are currently under investigation.

The investigation is being led by the Department of Public Health and the Department’s Division of Public Safety and Emergency Management.

The Dallas County Medical Examiner’s office will also conduct an autopsy on the body.