I’m still working out what to wear when I go to a gynecology appointment

I’m not sure I’m the only one who has struggled with a sore vagina.

I went to my doctor for a gynecomastia exam, but when I asked if I could have the exam done by an OBGYN, she said no.

I wasn’t sure what to make of it.

But it was a bad idea to get an OB in the first place.

So I called a few OBs in the area and found a few that offered a free appointment for $40.

I asked for the referral and waited for the call.

The OB came in with a young OB-GYN who said she was going to do the exam.

I told her that I’d rather pay for it than wait for her to call me back, and she agreed to the appointment.

She showed up, she started doing the exam, and the exam was perfect.

She gave me a few minutes of her time, and then the exam started.

She didn’t seem worried that I would have an uncomfortable exam.

She said I was lucky to have been able to get the appointment so soon.

I didn’t know if she was lying, but I felt so comfortable with her and her experience.

After the exam and the appointment, I went home.

But the next day I had an uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, like I was pregnant.

I had never felt that before.

I checked my period, but it was empty.

I knew it was something I should be worried about.

I got a Pap smear, but the results came back negative.

I called my OB and told her about the results.

She assured me that the tests had come back negative and that she could not perform the procedure without the permission of my husband.

I explained that I wanted the exam because my partner wanted to see if he could have an abortion.

He agreed.

The next day, I called the OB-Gyn and explained that my vagina had a bruise.

She reassured me that this was normal, and that I could get the exam in a few days.

She agreed to give me the appointment for an additional $20.

That same day, my vagina started to feel like it was hurting again.

I immediately called my husband and told him that I was having a difficult time with my vagina and that it was bothering me.

He was worried that my partner would get upset if he didn’t get an appointment.

He said he would be fine with that.

I was very confused, but my husband assured me he was going out to dinner to see what he could do to help me.

I agreed to get to the office as soon as possible, and I was there in less than five minutes.

I found my partner and told the nurse what was happening.

She told me that she would call me and see what I could do.

I could feel the bruise under my skin.

I felt like my partner had come home from work, and when I got to the hospital, my partner was sitting there with me, trying to talk to me.

As soon as I entered the exam room, I noticed that my vaginal discharge was a little dry.

I figured it must be my vaginal lubricant, but there was no lubricant in my vagina.

When I asked my partner if he wanted me to get some more, he told me to go ahead.

He then asked me to put on some clothes and to sit in the examination room.

I sat down on the exam table and waited.

When he was finished, he asked if he had any questions about my cervix.

I looked at him in surprise and he said, “No.”

He said, What do you mean?

I asked.

“My cervix is fine,” he said.

I started to cry.

I thought, Why am I crying?

What do I have to do?

I told him I didn