Why the Democrats will be in trouble in 2018

The Democratic Party is in the midst of a new wave of defections as Democrats lose control of both houses of Congress and the presidency.

While the party is still in a deep funk after losing the 2016 election, it is now experiencing a period of “shock,” according to one prominent Democrat.

While President Donald Trump’s approval ratings remain high, Democrats are feeling the heat.

The New York Times reported on Monday that more than a quarter of Democratic voters say they are less likely to vote for Democrats next year if they see their party lose in 2018, according to a CNN/ORC poll released on Monday.

While Trump is still the most popular figure in the country, his approval ratings have plunged.

In the first poll conducted after the election, 51 percent of Americans approved of Trump’s job performance.

But his approval rating has dropped to 35 percent, a drop of 10 points since November, according the poll.

On Tuesday, a poll released by CNN/WMUR shows a 50-point increase in Trump’s favorability rating among likely voters, with just 11 percent saying they would vote for him in November.

The CNN poll also showed that 49 percent of Democrats said they were less likely than their party’s members to vote in the 2018 midterm elections.

“The Democratic Party will have to overcome the party’s inability to win elections and take back control of the House and Senate, and it will need to do so by appealing to blue-collar white voters,” said Chris Kofinis, an associate professor at the University of California, Los Angeles.

“This means reaching out to those voters who voted for Trump, even if they do not identify as Democrats, and not giving them a way to vote against their own party in 2020.”

Kofinis also said Democrats will have a difficult time appealing to voters of color.

“A lot of them may not be enthusiastic about the president, and they may not vote at all, and we know they have low enthusiasm for Democrats, but they will be less likely and less willing to turn out in 2020,” Kofis said.

Democrats are also seeing a decline in support among women.

In a CNN poll released Tuesday, more than three-quarters of women said they have a less favorable view of Democrats than of Republicans.

Women are also beginning to abandon the party in droves.

The ABC News/Washington Post poll released Monday found that 60 percent of women who said they would not vote for the Democrats in 2020 say they would back Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson in 2020, down from 69 percent who said the same about the Democrats.

The CNN poll surveyed 1,085 likely voters nationwide between Jan. 4 and March 9.