More than 40,000 US women will not have access to contraceptive options

FOX SPORTS 1 The United States is set to introduce new rules that will allow some US women to avoid being covered by insurance companies for contraception and abortifacients.

The regulations, which are set to take effect next year, would mean women who don’t want to use any contraception at all would be able to use the Affordable Care Act’s birth control coverage instead.

The policy, called the “C-section exception”, will be available to women who do not currently have insurance.

But it’s not a complete replacement for coverage.

“Cherish” birth control and abortion coverage, or C-sections, are currently offered through the ACA.

The new policy is expected to include a list of the drugs and other methods that women must have to be covered.

Women who are pregnant or plan to have a baby but do not have insurance coverage for contraceptive or abortion coverage will still be able access coverage from their employers.

“This is not about abortion, it’s about coverage,” President Donald Trump told the US Congress on Tuesday.

“If you are pregnant, you need to have access.

This is not a mandate.

It’s not about birth control.

It is about the birth control.”

It is expected that some companies that provide insurance to employees, such as United Healthcare, would not be impacted by the new policy.

However, the Obama administration has said the new regulations will still protect women from being discriminated against by insurance firms.

Trump said in his remarks that the “birth control exemption” was needed to protect women’s health and the economy.

“It’s a way to help women get coverage for birth control, it is not the answer to the problem of abortion,” he said.

Trump has previously suggested that abortion should be illegal and he has said he would repeal the ACA if it was not signed into law.

He also said women should be able choose to have an abortion, a position that was also backed by many Republicans in Congress.

“I think we should make abortion illegal,” he told Fox News in February.

“Because if you’re not a person who has a baby, and you’re married, you’re a single mother, you can make your own decision, but if you are a married woman, and she’s pregnant, and her husband’s been abusive, and they’re living with their partner, and the fetus is an issue, then it’s really an issue.”

Women who need birth control to have the chance of getting pregnant are not alone.

Around 3 million American women rely on their insurance plans to pay for birth Control, or condoms, and a large majority of women, including some in the healthcare industry, have chosen to remain on the contraception coverage.

But the ACA does not specifically cover abortion.

Some states, such the District of Columbia, have expanded coverage for abortion coverage.

According to the Guttmacher Institute, women who need contraception to prevent pregnancy will have a hard time getting it through their employers because they will be required to provide the drugs themselves.

A small number of women have been able to access insurance coverage through their husbands and have been paid to provide birth control directly to them.

Some women have received financial incentives to have abortions.

The ACA provides that employers can choose to pay out of pocket for contraceptives for their employees who need them and they will not need to reimburse the employee for their cost.

“When they’re looking at contraception, we want them to see a benefit and not the negative effect,” said Karen Lott, executive director of Planned Parenthood Action Fund, a group that advocates for reproductive health.

“They’re not looking at the negative side, and we’re very concerned about that.”

The Republican president has said that he believes abortion should not be legal and has called for “a constitutional amendment” to overturn Roe v Wade.

He has also suggested that if a woman has a medical emergency that requires emergency contraception, the abortion provider could refuse the drug or provide it to her in a different way.

“You should not have a woman go into the ER and have an emergency contraception pill,” he previously said.

“And that’s why it’s so important to not allow it to happen.

We need to stop this.”

In a tweet on Tuesday, Planned Parenthood USA President Cecile Richards said that she would fight the new policies, saying they would “threaten the health and lives of women and their families.”

Richards has also said that the Trump administration is trying to “undermine” Planned Parenthood.

“We are fighting this because we believe that all women should have access and we will fight this every step of the way to ensure that we continue to be the health provider for the 21st century, Richards said.