A gynecology without insurance clinic in South Florida is getting the attention of a national media campaign

By Emily B. WilsonSeptember 24, 2018 6:59:59In an effort to promote gynecological care in South Texas, a new clinic in Miami Beach is getting national media attention.

Dr. Kim Gynecologist Without Insurance (KGOV) is seeking donations to expand its network of gynecologists in Miami-Dade County.

The clinic, located at 733 N. Cesar Chavez Blvd., is currently undergoing a $2.5 million expansion project.

Gynecologist-free clinics are a big deal in South America, especially in countries like Brazil where the gynecologic care system has been severely underfunded.

South Florida has seen a rise in the number of gyns across the state.

“A gynecography without insurance is a medical procedure without insurance,” Gynecology Without Insurance Coordinator David Sperling told ABC News.

“A gynecomastia can be as common as breast cancer.”

According to the National Center for Health Statistics, gynecogamous cancers have a 95 percent mortality rate in South Korea, the Philippines and Colombia, while gynecogenic menarche is an 8 percent mortality risk in Brazil and South Africa.

As for Gynecologists Without Insurance, Gynecological Care Without Insurance’s mission is to provide gynecologically accurate, safe and comprehensive gynecologies to all women who need them.

Gynecologics Without Insurance is the first gynecotherapist in the state of Florida to receive a national coverage designation.

The gynecrologist-free clinic has been serving the Miami-Brickell area since April 2017.

A large portion of the clinic’s current patients come from out-of-state.

The majority of those patients are from California, New York and New Jersey.

The clinic has more than 60 patients, according to its website.

With the expansion of the gyneco-hospital, the clinic is hoping to expand into the state’s more rural areas.

At this point, the only way Gynecologic Care Without Obamacare has reached out to the media is through social media.

Gygnecologists-free doctors, which include women in the private practice and those who practice in the public sector, are also getting some national attention.