How to avoid being diagnosed with cervical cancer in Australia

Health officials in Australia are advising women to consider getting a cervical test in order to avoid getting diagnosed with the disease.

The recommendation came as the Australian Women’s Health Network released a new survey finding more than half of women with symptoms of cervical cancer are still considering testing, with a further three quarters of women unsure about their treatment options.

Women are also increasingly considering testing themselves for cervical cancer, with more than a quarter of those surveyed still unsure about the treatment options for them.

Dr Sarah Kelleher from the Australian Cancer Council said it was not enough to simply tell women they needed to have a test.

“It’s not enough just to tell them they need to get tested,” she said.

“[We have to] make sure that we’re making sure that there’s a plan in place and we have a process in place so that women have the information they need so that they can make the best decision for themselves.”

Dr Kellehe said it could take a while for women to feel confident in their treatment decisions and that was why it was important to get the test done early in the treatment process.

“It takes time to build confidence,” she told ABC Radio Melbourne. ABC/wires