Kentucky medical school graduates with the highest average grade in the country

Medical school grads in Kentucky have earned the highest percentage of their graduating class earning an A, while the lowest number of graduating class earned an F, according to data from the University of Louisville.

The data, released by the university’s College of Nursing, show the highest A+ grades were earned by medical students in the University District.

In addition, the average grade point average in medical school was 2.82, compared to 3.06 for the general population.

Kentucky is ranked No. 1 among states in the nation in the percentage of graduates with an average grade above 3.00.

It was No. 2 in the Midwest in the highest-graded medical school graduate, with 88 percent of the graduating class achieving at least a 3.0.

According to the University Health System, Kentucky has the highest proportion of medical students graduating with a 2.00 average grade.

Other factors that contributed to the highest graduation rate were: the medical school’s relatively small enrollment, its quality of care, and the fact that the medical schools overall graduation rate is lower than other states.

There were no statewide statistics on the percentage that received an F grade in medical schools across the country.

Kentucky had the second-highest percentage of medical school students with an A grade, followed by Mississippi, Indiana and Texas.

Indiana, which is ranked second in the state, had the highest rate of medical graduates with A+s at 89 percent, followed closely by Texas, which had 91 percent.

Kentuckians ranked second-lowest in the number of graduates who graduated with an F. The highest-ranked medical school in the United States had just 13 percent of graduates graduating with an an F or lower.

The University of Kentucky, with its diverse population, has a high percentage of students who received a B grade.

The school reported having more than 8,000 students enrolled in medical residencies across its campuses.

Kentucks medical school ranked among the lowest in the U.S. in terms of the number and percentage of grads who earned an average of an A. But the percentage fell in recent years, according the U of K’s data.

Overall, the percentage was down by 0.2 percentage points from the last academic year in 2018.